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Windows 8 supported!
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness


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iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad




Windows Mobile touch screen


Windows Mobile non-touch screen


Palm OS



 Version 3 

You want features? We got features! Hundreds of them.

There is simply no other software that provide so many features to track your diet and fitness.
See for yourself the hundreds of features VidaOne Diet & Fitness has to offer.


Full Synchronization with your Phone

Keep your data with you, on your PC and your phone, for your eyes only, not on the web ("cloud" if you prefer) where it can been seen (or worse, used) by not-to-friendly parties. We support:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Palm OS
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC (touch screen)
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone (non-touch screen)
  • Windows Phone 7 (2011)

User interface

  • Contemporary, elegant, crafted user interface
  • Toolbar menus ("ribbons"):
    • Present features instead of cascading menus
    • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar to access any command with one click
    • Drastically simplifies the use of all the features
  • Overall layout as found in Microsoft® Office® that is easy to navigate
  • Colored layout (black, blue, silver)
  • Help via a very comprehensive PDF file

Multiple views

  • Summary view
    • Displays your favorite picture for motivation
    • Configurable
    • Displays up to 6 charts among the following:
      • Diet summary
      • Weight
      • Points
      • Calorie summary
      • Calorie breakdown (daily average)
      • Calorie balance (daily average)
      • Calorie intake and expenditure
      • Net calories
      • Nutrient summary
      • Individual nutrients
      • Workout summary
      • Workout count
      • Workout duration
      • Workout distance
      • Weight lifted
  • Journal
    • Show any or all of your meals, workouts and health
    • Display records in full or compacted
    • Shows an optional summary containing:
      • Energy balance
      • Energy breakdown
      • Specific nutrient tracking
      • Nutrients
  • Calendar
    • Shows diet progress
    • List health, meals and individual workouts
    • Can show workout distance, weekly summary
    • Option to color workout days based on the workout effort, and for multi-workout days, based on either the longest of hardest
  • Reports (lists)
    • All meals
    • Calorie Intake and Expenditure
    • Daily Nutrients
    • Nutrient Summary
    • Workouts (all or individual)
    • Health records
    • Retains your list of selected reports
    • Configurable to display all or some of the above
  • Graphs
    • Meals:
      • Energy Intake and Expenditure
      • Net Energy Consumption
      • Energy per Hour
      • Meal Schedule
      • Points
      • Water consumption
      • Total Carbs-Prot-Fat %
    • Nutrients that you are tracking (see Personalization below)
    • Workouts:
      • Workout Count
      • Duration
      • Duration per Activity
      • Distance
      • Distance per Activity
      • Volume and Intensity
      • Intensity, Exertion and Energy
      • Training Heart Rate
      • Weight lifted
      • Pace
      • Ascent
      • Weather
    • Health:
      • Body weight
      • Body Fat
      • Sleep Hours
      • Blood Pressure
      • Resting Heart Rate
    • Body Measurements (see Health below)
    • Blood markers that you are tracking (see Personalization below)
    • Custom fields (see Personalization below)
    • Retains your list of selected graphs
    • Configurable to display all or some of the above

Diet tracking

  • Establish healthy and reasonable goals. When entering a diet, enter your current and target weights, and the start date of your diet. MyPersonalDiet then shows you the normal weight range based on your Body Mass Index (BMI), and provides you a date range that is healthy to reach your goal. That way, you can set realistic goals that are achievable.
  • Enter your diet plan or choose among one of the following:
    • USDA Food Pyramid
    • High Carbs
    • Low Carb
    • High Protein
    • Low Protein
    • Low fat
  • You can enter optional lower and upper limits on any nutrients you want to track.  For instance, you can the maximum amount of carbs you want to take daily, and you can alter track your carbs consumption and see how close you are from that limit at any time during the day.
  • Enter your daily energy requirements (e.g. 2000 calories) for the calculation of your daily dietary intake (Percent Daily Value, %DV), which you can track.
  • Enter your target meal schedule (types of meals, time when you take them and the daily energy each should provide) and see how well you are following it. You can choose among those types of meals:
    • Morning
    • Breakfast
    • Mid-morning
    • Lunch
    • Mid-afternoon
    • Dinner
    • Evening
    • Snack/Drink
    • Supplement
    • Meal 1 to Meal 6 (ideal if you take more than 3 meals per day)
  • When dieting, you can see at-a-glance the results of your efforts in terms of your weight goals, the food you consume, your workouts and an overall rating of how you are doing
  • Customizable food database:
    • 7500+ food items from the USDA
    • The Food Organizer allows you to hide the food categories and food items you do not consume to make it easier to browse the food database
    • Add your own food, either from scratch or by copying from another food item (faster)
    • Share food items with your friends and community, then get access to theirs while searching for some food on your own.
    • Export (as files) your custom food items to your friends
    • Import (files) for additional food items from your friends)
  • Integration with Withings Wi-Fi scales and iOS-compatible blood pressure monitors.

Fitness tracking

  • Support for Polar heart rate monitors
    • Download complete workout information from these models:
      • AXN500, AXN700
      • CS600
      • RS800, RS800CX
      • S410, S510, S520, S610, S610i, S625X, S710, S710i, S720i, S725, S725X, S810, S810i
    • Download workout summaries from these models:
      • F6, F11
      • F55
      • CS200, CS300, CS400
      • RS200, RS400
    • Upload general and exercise settings to:
      • S410, S510, S520, S610, S610i, S625X, S710, S710i, S720i, S725, S725X, S810, S810i
    • Support for SonicLink, Polar Interface and IrDA
    • Import HRM files
    • Convert HRB files (from VidaOne Polar for mobile devices)
  • Support for Garmin devices
      Forerunner 205, 301, 305
  • The Activity Organizer lets us choose which activity you want to see (vs. those you want to hide)
  • Easily see and manage the workout gears you use (see Workouts below)
  • View an after-the-fact goal, such as how many miles you cycled in the past 3 months
  • See of list of your personal best records (see Workouts below)
  • Use the default training zones or customize your own:
    • Choose the number of training zones (1-10)
    • Calculate training zones based on:
      • % of max heart rate (MHR)
      • % of max-minus-rest heart rate (MHR-RHR)
      • % of Anaerobic Threshold (AT)


  • Enter your meals by selecting food items in the Food Browser and/or by servings (faster)
  • Track calories and points
  • Food Browser:
    • Simplified selection by using the food you selected in the Food Organizer
    • Shows a complete description of each item, its nutrients (in mg/g or %DV), and an energy summary charts. You can also see the complete nutrition facts for each item.
    • Shows a warning if a selected food item does not match your selected diet (e.g. if you select a fatty food while being on a low fat diet).
  • The food items you choose is kept in a Favorites list which you can easily access to find the food you consume the most.
  • Quick and powerful search of the food database (e.g. search for entries that contains some words but not others).
  • Energy summary chart for the meal
  • You can enter a note


  • Use one of the 32 pre-defined activities or create your own (with customized calorie expenditure)
  • For all workouts, you can enter:
    • Activity, date, time, duration, calories, body fat burned, energy rating, exertion rating, overall rating, heart rate (max, min, avg, training zone, % of time in training zone), and a note
    • Gears (e.g. running shoes) whose usage (distance or duration) is automatically updated as you enter workouts
    • Custom fields, to track additional data that matters for you
  • For cardio workouts, you can also enter:
    • Course details:
      • Route
      • Distance (mi, km, m, f, yd)
      • Pace (mi/h, km/h, m/sec, yd/sec, per mile, per km, per m, per yd, per 500m)
      • Ascent
      • Weather (clear, variable, cloudy, foggy, drizzle, rain, snow)
      • Temperature
      • Wind (none, light, moderate strong)
      • Humidity (dry, comfortable, humid, very humid)
    • Laps: lap time, average HR and a note
    • Intervals:
      • Choose from popular intervals or add your own
      • Sets
      • Duration
      • Recovery time
      • Note
  • For strength training workouts, you can also enter:
    • Location
    • Warm-up and cool-down periods
    • Exercises
      • One of the 40 provided, or add your own
      • Sets
      • Reps
      • Weights, or % of max (which is automatically tracked)
      • Rest time (including none for supersets)
      • RPE
      • A note
    • For each exercise, you can enter up to 5 sets with different reps/weights or up to 250 sets with the same reps/weights . You can add more of the same exercise if you need more sets.
    • Pictures are shown for pre-defined exercises and you can select your own picture (jpg, gif) for your own exercises.

Health records

  • Ideal to track key information about your health:
    • Weight, with optional BMI
    • Body fat %
    • Heart rate (resting)
    • Blood pressure, with optional assessment
    • Activity level
    • Mood
    • Sleep quality and duration
    • Body measurements: neck, biceps, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf
    • Blood markers (See Personalization below)
    • A note
  • Use custom fields to track additional values
  • You can enter multiple records per day at any time.


  • Track any number of people, each with their own personal preferences such as diet goals, diet plan, favorite food, meal schedules, etc.
  • Optional password protection


  • Select American or Metric units preference
  • Choose between calories and kilojoules
  • Track and chart any or all of the following nutrients:
    • Totals carbs
    • Proteins
    • Total fat
    • Calcium
    • Cholesterol
    • Fiber
    • Iron
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Saturated fat
    • Sodium
    • Sugars
  • You can also choose to display the %DV of these nutrients when they are shown
  • Track and chart any or all of the following blood markers (you can also add your own):
    • Albumin
    • BUN
    • Calcium
    • Chloride
    • Cholesterol
    • § Cholesterol (LDL)
    • Cholesterol (HDL)
    • CO2
    • Creatinine
    • Estradiol
    • Globulin
    • Glucose
    • Hematocrit
    • Hemoglobin
    • Insulin
    • Iron
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Triglyceride
    • Uric Acid
    • White Blood Count
  • Customize the calculations of your Basal Metabolic Rate and the energy your consume when working out
  • You can track and chart food points, and enter your daily target points
  • Choose how to display workouts:
    • Select the first day of week (Saturday, Sunday or Monday)
    • Use seconds with duration
    • Use previous intervals/exercises when adding a workout for super-fast data entry
    • Use 2 decimals with distance.
  • You can choose to display:
    • Your BMI when you enter your weight
    • Assessment (low, normal, elevated, high, critical) when you enter your blood pressure
  • Select an application theme (black, blue, silver) to suit your taste
  • Configure the overall look of the charts
  • You can display a picture of your choice when the application starts (or no picture at all)
  • You can choose to show all or hide some of the information messages shown at various times.

Data management

  • Full synchronization with iPhone, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone), Palm OS handheld
  • Password-protect your data
  • Calculators
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Body Mass Index
    • Lean Body Mass
    • BMI, along a clear BMI chart
  • Printing
  • Backup/restore, including automatic weekly backups.
  • Find a specific word in your meals, workouts and health records
  • Export data to a CSV file
  • Purge old data you no longer want to track
Copyright © 2005-2012, VidaOne Inc. All rights reserved.