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VidaOne's iPhone GPS tracking features referred to in Gartner's report Market Insight: Mobile Fitness and Wellness Applications and the Prospects for an Ecosystem (March 2010)
VidaOne Diet & Fitness has been recognized for years as the BEST fitness software by TopTenReviews.com
Less than a month after its initial release, MySportTraining for iPhone is featured in iTunes' What's Hot section. Customers are simply choosing the best fitness application.
AppReview.com rated GymNow (now MySportTraining for iPhone) as the BEST exercise health & fitness application among hundreds of exercise apps

Pocket PC Magazine (now iPhone Magazine) named MySportTraining for Pocket PC the winner of the Health and Fitness awards for 5 consecutive years. The runner-up was MyPersonalDiet for Pocket PC.

"Overall I found this app very helpful in planning, shaping and improving my workouts. I recommend it to anyone who exercises regularly, and those who would like to get motivated to do so." - Clint, Handango Staff Pick Expert Review, www.handango.com


Press release - "Winning a People's Choice Award is a testament to a developer's commitment to creating quality applications," said Doug Ortega, chief operating officer of Handango." As the winner of Handango People's Choice Awards, VidaOne has proven its determination to create applications that make their customers' lives easier and more productive."


"MySportTraining is easily one of my favourite and most-used programs on my Pocket PC. It's got a fantastic user interface and records all of the information that I want to track during each of my workouts. Using MySportTraining on the desktop is also quite a pleasurable experience, giving me more flexibility in the method with which I input my data. The new Food extension just increases the versatility of MySportTraining and turns it into a much more powerful fitness tracking program." - Jenneth Orantia, www.jenneth.info

By the by, I just saw that MySportTraining has been developed for the Palm OS platform - previously it was only for Pocket PC and Windows. Nice one!" - Jenneth Orantia, www.jenneth.info


One major problem with any diet is keeping at it. That's why having a diet plan in your pocket is a genius idea. My dad lost 30 pounds by putting a plan on his PDA. The software is called "MyPersonalDiet" [...] The program is currently rated five out of five stars [...]


"MySportTraining is one of the coolest,
most useful programs I have come across
since I’ve had my Treo 650


"...the Windows version of MySportTraining is a doddle to use"

Times Online


"If this software doesn't inspire you to get fit, then I don't know what will." - John Ottini, PocketPC Magazine, Nov '02

PocketPC Magazine hotdownload10.gif (2782 bytes)
PocketPC Magazine online review


"superb fitness tracking application"

Pocket PC Life review

"MySportTraining provides a robust portable training journal for the Pocket PC with advanced reporting features."
pocketnow.gif (39545 bytes)
pocketnow review

"MyRunningLog is exactly the app that I would have written for myself."

(see full review)
"MySportTraining is known as a leader in fitness-tracking software for the pocket PC, and it also offers versions for standard computers."

(see full review


Read the story from Pat Burton, who lost more than 100lbs over a year. I use technology to keep track of my diet and exercise -- MySportTraining version 3.11 and Pocket Diet Tracker, handily loaded on my PocketPC." - Pat Burton

(see full review)


Here is what some users have to say:

"Fortunately I discovered what I am now convinced is the best piece of software for my PDA I have used to date: MySportTraining, MySportTraining Food and MyPersonalDiet ... It works, trust me on this". Read the full story of Roy Price (below), who not only lost 12 kg (26 lbs) in 3 months, but got into shape and ended up a 100-km race in 2.5 hours less than a year ago.

"Thank you for finally making this great program available for the Palm. After using it with my Axim (now dead), I’ve been searching for a comparable exercise tracking program for the Palm. There wasn’t any, until now…" - E.D.
"I just got the 3.40 update and you guys really continue to improve the product. I really like the new layout." - P.B.
"My hat's off to you guys".- T.A.
"Its laid out very user-friendly and the fields are easy to fill out. The reports and graphs are great too. Great product." - A.T.
"I think this is the perfect training journal available whatever platform." - M.B.
"My congratulations on the latest version" - A.T.
"Well designed, practically to use and it is a lot of fun to see the workouts in different viewings" - I.R.
"I love this software and find it very useful." - M.
"Thanks for your efficient and excellent customer service" - L.C.
"I'm really impressed!" - B.B.
"I love so much this software..." - P.C.
"The new graphs are very good" - A.B.
"Exceeds my expectations" - A.G.
"Love the interface" -C.C.
"It's a killer app for my iPAQ" - J.C.
"The program is exactly what I have been looking for!" - A.
"Thanks for the lightning-fast response!" - M.S.
"Concise and extremely valuable workout companion..." - B.

Roy Price's Success Story (April 2006)

I have been overweight for years. Since starting my own business and having children time for sport & training was not high on the list of priorities. Last year I decided to make the time to get back onto the bike. I entered a 106km (65 miles) MTB race thro'some wonderful NZ high country terrain, namely the infamous Rainbow Rage. Although I trained some I didn't look at my weight loss. It was a disaster! It took 7.5 hrs and I really struggled with bad cramps, even walking up the hills was nearly impossible. It was such a low point after knowing I should have done better the bike remained in the garage for 6+ months after that.

Eventually thoughts of next years race were on my mind. I knew that it couldn't be anything like last years. I needed to train seriously. It is October and the race is in March. I weigh around 83kgs and I want to get down to 70kgs (150lbs), which is what I weighed when I was at peak fitness all those years ago. I needed some help.

Fortunately I discovered what I am now convinced is the best pieces of software for my PDA I have used to date: MySportTraining; MySportTraining Food and MyPersonalDiet. The keys to losing weight are:

  1. The desire/need i.e. set yourself a goal. In my case, to do better at next years race.
  2. You need to monitor how you are doing.

With this software you can do just that very accurately and easily. Why am I so convinced that this software works so well? Easy to answer. I started off using it religiously for 6 weeks or so. I was on track with the diet plan. I'd got down to 78kgs, lost around 6kgs fantastic. Then I got cocky, thinking I could do it on my own without the software. I was so wrong. The weight crept back up to over 80kgs by the time New Year was with us. I knew then that I had to get back to using the software. This time I was using it to a greater level with monitoring fat intake etc. By the time March arrived race time I was in great shape. I had actually got down to 69kgs losing 12kgs (26 lbs) in 3 months.

How did I do in the race? Just over 5 hours. That’s 2.5 hours less than last year. It was so much easier & enjoyable. No cramp, no walking up the hills. A fortnight later I did another 100km race unlike last year when the bike got left in the garage. When my friends saw me they were saying "how are you doing but where is the rest of you, you look fantastic!" Then they say "how do you do it." I tell them without any doubt that I was helped quite considerably by this software.

If you are not using this software to help train/loose weight then you must use it. If you are using it stick with it (it gets easier as you feed more info in & get more info out) it works trust me on this.

Regard to all who read this

Roy Price

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