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Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness



iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad




Windows Mobile touch screen


Windows Mobile non-touch screen


Palm OS




The most comprehensive app for Android to track, analyze and review your diet, fitness and heatlh, plus synchronization with your Windows PC.



Developed by VidaOne, which has been developing mobile apps since 1999, VidaOne Lifestyle includes features asked by thousands of users over the time. This is what people are saying on Google Play:

"Being a Personal Trainer for ten years and this app puts me
out of work. Must have app if you want to get the most
out of your exercise and diet."

"No question that this is the best diet and fitness app
in the market!"

"By far the best overall fitness app available. If you want a
program to walk you through your goals and benchmarks
this is it."


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See below to download via Google Play.

 Recent Versions
Version 1.2.9 (Jul 28, 2012)
Fixed sporadic licensing issue.
Minor cosmetic updates.
Version 1.2.4
Added options to copy and delete all meals and workouts from the journal.
Added a second widget to add a meal from the your Android Home screen.
Version 1.2.3
Added an option to show custom food nutrients in percentage of daily values.
Version 1.2.2
Improved support for tablets in landscape.
Version 1.2.1
Added Yesterday to the Chart periods.
Version 1.2.0
Support for USB cable synchronization with HTC Sync.
Version 1.1.5
Redesigned the GPS recording so that it is no longer interrupted by phone calls or other apps.
Version 1.1.4
Added two reports (meals calories, nutrients summary) under Charts.
Version 1.1.3
Added a MENU option when editing body measurements to sort them by name or top-down position.
Version 1.1.2
Fixed issues when entering sleep times and copying workouts.
Version 1.1.1
Blood markers can now be tracked in health records.
Version 1.1.0
Added a home screen widget to easily track your diet (see screenshot below).

VidaOne Lifestyle is the only app that integrates all the features you need in one single app:

  • Set-up a realistic and healthy diet, and get a clear assessment of your progression.
  • Specify daily nutritional limits (e.g. 1000 mg of sodium max) and easily track them with charts.
  • Enter meals, including favorites, dishes, search, browse or enter your own food, and view nutrition facts.
  • Nutrients tracking (e.g. sodium, calcium, saturated fat, etc.) and you choose which to track.
  • Points tracking.
  • Enter strength and cardio workouts with all the details you need.
  • Use the integrated GPS to record your routes.
  • Enter health records, as many times per day as you need. Coming soon: blood markers.
  • Complete journal to track meals, workouts and health records plus daily charts to track diet and nutrients consumption. Plus features to copy one or all meals from one day to another for fast data entry.
  • Detailed calendar that shows diet progress and workouts data.
  • Home screen widget to provide an update about your daily goal and quickly access Lifestyle.
  • Plenty of charts to track your calories, meals, points, diet, nutrients (e.g. cholesterol), workouts (e.g. distance duration, ascent, heart rate) and health data (e.g. body weight, body fat, BMI, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Personalization (Metric/American), themes, energy calculation tweaks, 12-24H time format, etc.
  • Add picture of your own to get motivated in the Today screen.
  • Synchronization with VidaOne Diet and Fitness for Windows 7, Vista and XP (see below for more information).
  • Installation on storage card (when available, depending on Android device and version).
  • And so much more!

VidaOne Lifestyle comes in three flavors to fit your needs.

  • The Lite version allows you to get a feel for the app. You can enter all your meals, workouts and health data, and synchronize them with VidaOne Diet and Fitness for Windows 7, Vista and XP (if you are using it, but not required).
  • The regular version adds many diet tracking features, along a useful calendar that shows your diet progress and workouts, plus many charts to review and analyze your diet, meal, workouts and health. It also provides more customization and allows you to set a password to keep your data private.
  • The Pro version adds various fitness tracking tools (routines, heart rate data, workout gear tracking, activity filter, training zones, personal best) and is aimed at those with a strong focus on workouts.

See the feature list to find out which version is best for you.

How to Download and Install

  • Open the Google Play app on your phone.
  • Search for "VidaOne Lifestyle"

If you are already using an app to read QR codes (many are available in Google Play):

  • Open that app, and scan one the QR codes below.
  • This will open Google Play and download the app straight into your phone.

Lifestyle Lite (free)

Lifestyle ($4.99)

Lifestyle Pro ($5.99)

It is compatible with VidaOne Diet and Fitness for Windows 7, Vista and XP!

In some cases, it is more convenient to enter data using a PC keyboard, such as journal notes. Or if your iPhone or iPod Touch is damaged, lost or stolen, or if you switch to another mobile device, the synchronization brings back your valuable data on your new phone. Synchronization is a must when you record information about yourself.

Any information you enter in Lifestyle synchronizes with your PC and vice-versa, including your routes recorded with your Android phone or downloaded from a supported Garmin device on your PC. Using a PC is not only more convenient to enter detailed information, but it's indispensable if your Android device is damaged, lost or stolen, or if you switch to another mobile device. Synchronization brings all your diet, fitness and health data back. 

Whereas some other software synchronization is basically one-wayy (e.g. SyncDocs where a complete file/database crushes the other, discarding some of the latest data you entered) , VidaOne synchronization reconciles each piece of information, ensuring that your most recent data are merged together, as you expect it.

All versions of Lifestyle fully synchronize with VidaOne Diet and Fitness for Windows 7, Vista and XP via Wi-Fi and with some HTC-manufacturer devices, via USB cable. Please consult our Android synchronization quick guide for additional information if needed.

And they look much better on a real device...

A welcome wizard makes it easy to get started. The diet wizard helps you find your target weight
with a Body Mass Index chart.
See at any moment how many calories (or kJ) you are allowed to consume while staying within your goal. The Diet Summary chart lets you know if
you're on track with your goals or not.
The Journal makes it easy to review what you ate. See a clear snapshot of your workouts.
Adding food is fast because you can quickly
find the food you are looking for.
You can enter the amount in a very easy manner.
See all the food items of a given meal. Find out how many calories you consume from
carbs, proteins and fat for a given meal.
You can find out how many calories and nutrients you consume based on the serving you choose. View the nutrition facts for each food item.
Use a muscle chart find exercises for specific muscle groups. See a clear list of your exercises for a given workout.
Enter complete information about your exercises,
including variable sets.
Track your performance for each exercise.
Track your route using your phone GPS. Share your workouts (the actual list depends on the applications installed on your phone).
Find out what your optimum training zones are
(Pro version).
Easily track workout gear by duration or distance
(Pro version)
The calendar shows your workouts and weight
(when on a diet) at a glance.
The Report lists your workouts for the period of your choice.
See whether you consume too many or not enough calories. Find out at what time of the day you consume calories.
View where the energy you consume comes from. Set a meal schedule and see if you are following it.
Easily monitor your weight. You can also view your
body fat and Body Mass Index.
You can chart the information entered in health records, such as blood pressure.
See how much time you spent exercising. See the distance you went while exercising.
Customize the Today screen to your taste!
How to install the Lifestyle Widget
(standard and Pro versions only)
  • Press the HOME button

  • Make room or find a screen where you can place the Lifestyle Widget. It is as wide as 4 icons.

  • Press the MENU button.

  • Choose Add to home. Depending on the device, it can be Personalize, or some other name.

  • From the list shown, choose Widget. This shows the Add Widget screen.

  • Scroll down and select VidaOne Lifestyle.

  • The Lifestyle widget is then displayed on the screen.

Note: on Android 2.3+, widgets must be installed on the phone/tablet, not on the SD card. So Lifestyle must be installed on the device in order to use the widget.
Source: http://bit.ly/kBPJZo

The Lifestyle screen widget shows your daily goal
on your phone/tablet home screen.
Coming soon
Track your heart rate at the gym or on the go using a Zephyr Bluetooth heart rate monitor (Lifestyle Pro only)
Copyright 2005-2012, VidaOne Inc. All rights reserved.