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Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

VidaOne Diet & Fitness



iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad




Windows Mobile touch screen


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The most comprehensive software for Windows to track, analyze and review your diet, fitness and health, plus synchronization with your phone.



Yes, VidaOne Diet & Fitess is compatible with Windows 8!
Install it!

Please take a moment to view the complete list of features
to see why VidaOne Diet & Fitness is the most complete and
feature-rich softwarefor tracking your diet, fitness and health.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness has been recognized for years
as the BEST fitness software by TopTenReviews.com

Top Ten Reviews
GOLD Awards

2011  2010  2009


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 Recent Versions
Windows Mobile and Palm OS users:
Please read Upgrade Information first!

Version 3.8.8 (Aug 13, 2012)
Added "Net Carbs" nutrient.
Version 3.8.7
Added "Plant-Based" and "Vegetarian" diet plans.
Version 3.8.6
Added a Check for Update feature in the VidaOne menu.
Version 3.8.5
Improved sync with Lifestyle.
Version 3.8.3
Integration with Withings' Blood Pressure Monitors. More...
Version 3.8.0
Integration with Withings' Wi-Fi Scales.
Food sharing with your community. More...
Version 3.7.4
Improved synchronization with MySportTraining for BlackBerry and MySportTraining for Android.
Version 3.6.1
Synchronization with MySportTraining for Android 1.1, including maps.
Version 3.5.4
Improved iPhone synchronization which can now be done without even opening VidaOne Diet & Fitness
Version 3.5.0
Added custom fields to meals (to track any additional data)
Added Body Mass Index (BMI) chart

VidaOne Diet & Fitness is the premier Windows application to track all aspects of your diet, fitness and health, in a contemporary and easy-to-user user interface. It includes hundreds of features, such as comprehensive data entry that allows you to create your own data fields if needed, connectivity with popular heart rate monitors, synchronization with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile and Palm OS phones and PDAs, excellent charting capabilities, multiple profiles (such as patients, family members, etc), detailed user guide (PDF format).

What's new in Version 3

VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 now provides these long-awaited features on your PC:

  • Share food items with your friends and community
  • Food points
  • Meal scheduling
  • Support for most sports Garmin devices.
  • Support for the latest Polar RS800CX and CS600X heart rate monitors, in addition to the AXN, F and S series
    (may require Polar IrDA USB Adapter). Currently in beta: support for FT series and RS300X by importing XML files you can download from polarpersonaltrainer.com.
  • Support for Withings scales and blood pressure monitor
  • Enhanced Polar files viewing
  • Trackable gears (by distance or duration)
  • Personal Best workouts
  • Configurable summary view
  • More charts
  • More fields for strength training exercises (rep duration, rest time, RPE, equipment)
  • Enhanced interface using ribbons (as featured in Microsoft Office 2007), including a configurable Quick Access Toolbar to store the commands you use the most (see the tip below)
  • BMI and blood pressure assessment with Health records
  • Improved user profiles management
  • Full synchronization with MySportTraining for Android
  • Full synchronization with MySportTraining for BlackBerry
  • Full synchronization with MySportTraining for iPhone and MyPersonalDiet for iPhone, including maps!
  • Works and synchronizes at ease on Mac OS X using Desktop Parallels or VMware Fusion.
  • Free VidaOne Mobile companion app for iPhone to enter your data on-the-go (restaurants, gym, outdoor, office, etc.) and synchronize it with VidaOne Diet & Fitness on your PC/Mac. See how VidaOne Mobile compares to MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet...


Use the Food Organizer to share your custom food with your friends and community. You share your food with them, and you get to access their shared food when you search for specific items.

So go ahead, share you food, and find more food for yourself! More information in our quick guide.

Click to enlarge

Mobile Devices Synchronization:

The synchronization reconciles meals, workout and health data on both your phone and your PC by merging changes, exactly like appointments or contacts with Outlook. This is far more powerful than file synchronization where one set of changes overwrite the others, leading to data loss in synchronization.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 synchronizes with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile Pocket PC (touch screen), Windows Mobile Smartphone (non-touch screen) and Palm OS mobile handhelds and PDAs, running MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet. Windows Phone 7 will be supported in 2011.

The synchronization is invaluable if you or your company switches your phone to another model, if your phone is damaged, stolen or lost, or if you upgrade to a new phone. Whatever the situation, you will always have all your workout data safe on your PC, and you can re-synchronize it with another phone. Case in point, some of the very first MySportTraining users (using Pocket PCs back in 1999) have 13 years of workout data on their new iPhone or Android phone.

There's just no other software with such a state-of-the-art capability.

"Lightning fast synchronization with my iPhone" - Rick K.

Note to iPhone users:

  • Due to the iPhone connectivity design, the synchronization between VidaOne Mobile and VidaOne Diet & Fitness can only be achieved via Wi-Fi (not via USB cables).
  • The iPhone prevents data from being shared among apps, so each VidaOne app must be synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness. Fortunately, the synchronization replicates the data in all apps.
  • The synchronization does not affect the normal backup operations done by iTunes.

Withings Integration:

Use Withings' Body Scale scale and Blood Pressure Monitor to record your weight, body fat, blood pressure and pulse on your Withings account and automatically access those records from VidaOne Diet & Fitness. Find more in our 2-page user guide (PDF).

Garmin Downloads:

Download workouts recorded from Garmin devices into VidaOne Diet & Fitness to track all the information you need and review maps on Google. And if you are using an iPhone, your workouts and maps are synchronized with MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet.

You can download workouts via USB from the Garmin Edge 205 & 305, Forerunner 205, 301 and 305. For wireless Garmin devices, you can import TCX activity files.

Screen shots:

These are just a few of the various screens you will see in VidaOne Diet & Fitness, where every feature is carefully designed to be easy to use. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

The summary view shows you body weight, net calorie/kJ per day, workout summary and another workout graph. You can also customize the picture shown. The Food Organizer allows you to customize the database by selecting only the food items you want to see, and to import/export food items.
The journal view allows you to see the food, workouts and health data you've entered for a day. You can also see various graphs, such as energy balance, energy breakdown or nutrients The All Meals report, one of the many reports available, lists all the food you consumed over a certain period of time.
The calendar view presents a complete monthly summary of your help, meals and workouts. If you are on a diet, you will also see related information. All sports you enter can be listed, such as this Road Cycling report, which lists each workout and all the relevant information.
The report view allows you to choose among various reports (all printable) related to your meals, workouts and health. The Energy per Hour graph, one of the many graphs available, shows at what time of the day, on average, you consume food.
The graph view allows you to choose among various graphs (all printable) related to your meals, workouts, health, but also nutrients, body measurements, blood markers and custom data fields you've created. The Workout Duration graph, one of the many graphs available, shows the time spent exercising.
Synchronize all the data you've entered (except meals and related data) with MySportTraining for iPhone. Three color themes are available.
View complete nutrition facts about he food you consume to make sure your nutritional goals are met. See summary information for each meal with warnings if your diet is not being followed.
You can enter all the relevant data for your cardio and strength workouts. You can track gears, laps, intervals, exercises, even custom fields to track your own values.
When you enter your vital signs, you can see immediate assessment of your Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure. You can also track your measurements and any blood work.
You can download data from most Polar heart rate monitors (a RS800CX in this picture) and analyze your performance. You can also download data from many Garmin devices (an Edge 305 in this picture).
Workouts downloaded from Garmin devices can be viewed on Google Maps, along your laps. Workouts recorded with MySportTraining for iPhone can be synchronized and viewed on Google Maps too, similarly to Garmin workouts.


  • Download the file VODF_Setup.msi.
  • Save the file on your computer, open a File Explorer window and double-click on it to install VidaOne Diet & Fitness.
  • Once the installation is completed, you will see the VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 icon on your desktop.
    Double-click on it to open it.
  • In VidaOne Diet & Fitness, choose Home > Backup to make a backup of your data.
  • A comprehensive user guide (PDF file) is available.
  • You can download a full package file (which contains VODF_Setup.msi, the PDF user guide and a brief readme file) for your records (we recommend to burn it on a CD or copy to a safe storage).

VidaOne Diet & Fitness runs with all features enabled for 10 days for free. After 10 days, you will not be able to enter new data. Simply purchase a registration key to reactivate it and continue to enter data.

You can download maintenance versions for free. If you bought VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3, all versions 3.x published on our website are maintenance versions and free for registered users. For example, if you bought version 3.3 some time ago, the current version can be downloaded and installed over the version you have, for free. All the data is maintained as well as your registration key (if one was entered). If you bought VidaOne Diet & Fitness version 3.x, you can download any newer versions 3.x for free. As usual when upgrading software, we recommend that you make a backup of any existing data prior to upgrade, via the Home toolbar > Backup.

 If you bought MySportTraining for Windows, or VidaOne Diet & Fitness 2, we provide an upgrade discount. Please contact us at sales@vidaone.com for details.

Upgrade information:

Please read this if you are using MyPersonalDiet

Because versions 3.2.0 and newer includes an enhanced food database, only MyPersonalDiet for iPhone and MyPersonalDiet for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (touch screen) are compatible with this version. At the moment, the following products are not compatible with versions 3.2.0 and newer:

If you are currently using any of these 2 products, the latest version you can use at this moment is 3.1.0 (download here). For any question about this, please contact us support@vidaone.com. Thank you for you patience and understanding.

For any question about payment, including discounts, please contact us at sales@vidaone.com.

  • This version of VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a free upgrade to registered users of version 3. Simply download and re-install over the version you currently have (all your data will be re-used).
  • If you own VidaOne Diet & Fitness version 2, you can upgrade to VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 at a discount. Please send us the purchase confirmation email you received when you bought the previous version for us to authorize the discount.

  • If you are using MyPersonalDiet for Pocket PC, Smartphone or Palm OS, you must also upgrade it to version 4.0.0 or newer.
  • If you are using MySportTraining for Pocket PC or Smartphone, you must also upgrade it to version 6.0.0 or newer.

  • If you are using MySportTraining for Palm OS, you must also upgrade it to version 3.5.0.


  • On your PC, desktop or laptop:
    • Windows 7, Vista, or XP Service Pack 2
    • 15 MB of hard disk space
    • Administrator rights to install software
  • If you are using an Android, BlackBerry or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch phone/tablet:
    • Administrator rights to modify Wi-Fi firewall settings if required.
    • BlackBerry phones must have an external media card storage (e.g. Micro SD Card)
  • If you are using a Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone:
  • If you are using a Palm OS handheld:

Quick Guides

Find out key information with those quick guides. Note that user guide contains all the information from these quick guides below.
Common sync issues and solutions
User Guide
Sharing Food
Integration with Withings products
Android synchronization on Windows PC
iPhone synchronization on Windows PC
iPhone synchronization on Mac OS X using Parallels Desktop
iPhone synchronization on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion
Downloading workouts from polarpersonaltrainer.com

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