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 Recent Versions
Version 1.30 (Oct 6, 2006)
Using latest USDA food database (more than 7500 food items).
Version 1.25
Added validation checks when entering custom Food Items to provide better nutrient tracking.
Version 1.24
Support for landscape and square (Treo 700w, iPAQ 65xx) screens.
Improved the meal and food data entry screens.
Version 1.23
In the Favorites list, custom food items are displayed in blue for clarity.
When showing My Food, the current custom food item is automatically displayed.

MySportTraining Food seamlessly integrates into MySportTraining for Pocket PC by adding a Food page in the Day view, and was designed with the following features:

bullet Identify which diet you want to follow. MySportTraining Food makes it quick and simple to select an appropriate diet in order to meet your daily caloric and nutrients needs, based on the amount of servings from each food group and the ratio of calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is invaluable if you consume a high amount of calories (most athletes do) or if you follow a specific diet such as Atkins™, The Zone™ or South Beach™.

bullet See how much food you consumed per day, and how many servings of each food group remain. Once a diet has been chosen, MySportTraining Food immediately shows you what and how much of it you can eat per day. No more guesswork! Additionally, you can see what nutrients (sodium, cholesterol, etc.) you are consuming, to make sure you stay in line with your own diet or any special food requirements.

bullet Quickly enter consumed meals of any kind, using the integrated the USDA Food Database with more than 7500 foods and nutrients. You can browse this vast database or search for specific food items using a powerful search.

bullet Create your own food items and enter meals by food group servings which is even is faster. You can also combine food items into meals, and use those meals later on.

bullet Store your favorite food items in the Favorites Foods list for quick access later on.

bullet It's fully integrated in MySportTraining (sold separately). No new user interface to learn, and only one application to use! You can also continue to use Pocket Diet Tracker while using MySportTraining Food (both applications run independently from one another).

bullet All Pocket PC versions supported, including Windows Mobile 5.0 in portrait (240x320), landscape (320x240) and square (240x240) screen resolutions.

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2004 & 2005 Pocket PC Magazine Health & Fitness Award Winner
2004 Handango People's Choice Awards

Felt let down by the latest diet-o-rama? Make a promise to yourself: get fit! Feel better, happier, live longer. And keep track of it with MySportTraining!
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