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 Recent Versions
Version 2.13 (Oct 24, 2006)
Improved the pace editing.
Minor cosmetic improvements.
Version 2.12
Support for landscape and square (Treo 700w, iPAQ 65xx) screens.
Version 2.11
The charts display the average as a dotted line
Version 2.10
Support for Windows Mobile 5.0
The Charts & Stats views can now display information for one specific course or all courses.

MyRunningLog is designed for the sport enthusiast who demands a quick and efficient, yet simple, method to keep track of running (or other aerobic) workouts. It allows you to enter just the right amount of information per workout:

bullet Duration
bullet Exertion (intensity)
bullet Course
bullet Distance (km or mi)
bullet Heart rate
bullet Daily weight
bullet A note

MyRunningLog automatically calculates the energy (calories) you burnt and the pace. You then have the choice of reviewing your past workouts by using any of the powerful charting capabilities over different periods of time:

bullet Number of runs (or workouts)
bullet Duration
bullet Distance
bullet Pace
bullet Intensity
bullet Heart rate
bullet Weight

You can also use the Statistics page to quickly find out your longest run, farthest run, fastest pace, maximum heart rate and lowest weight ever registered.

MyRunningLog features an intuitive user interface that is easy of use. You can log your workouts within seconds and immediately compare them with previous workouts. MyRunningLog automatically uses your device's regional settings and works at ease on all Pocket PC models, in portrait, landscape and square screen resolutions.

If you are using MySportTraining for Pocket PC, make sure you download (or update to) the latest version of MySportTraining (version 3.95 or higher) to avoid any data conflict with MyRunningLog.

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2004 & 2005 Pocket PC Magazine Health & Fitness Award Winner
2004 Handango People's Choice Awards

Felt let down by the latest diet-o-rama? Make a promise to yourself: get fit! Feel better, happier, live longer. And keep track of it with MySportTraining!
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