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Consumer Reports reveals 8 secrets of successful dieters;
here's how MyPersonalDiet works with them.

In a recent article, Consumer Reports highlighted 8 strategies based on the latest research and statistics gleaned from the National Weight Control Registry, which enrolls people who have documented that they lost 30 pounds and kept the weight off for at least a year. Here are some of the strategies outlined in the report, and how MyPersonalDiet is the perfect tool to complement them:
  • Start right: Eating a substantial morning meal is recommended by every diet book Consumer Reports analyzed. Seventy-eight percent of the successful losers at the National Weight Control Registry say they eat breakfast, typically some cereal and fruit.

    You can enter all the meals you consume per day with MyPersonalDiet, which then presents them at-a-glance and allows to see how many calories you consumed for each. Additionally, the Calories per Hour chart highlights when, during the day, you consume food the most, and allows you to change you habits if required. You do not have to count calories nor points; enter your meals and let MyPersonalDiet do the math and show you the results.
  • Crank up the activity: Dieters should get off the couch if they want to lose weight and keep it off. Increasing time spent doing formal exercise and activities such as housework and yard work will help burn calories.

    You can enter your activities and workouts in MyPersonalDiet; it automatically calculates the calories you burn, which are then taken into account when showing how many calories you are allowed to consume for the rest of the day to stay within your goals. It also shows the days you exercised in the calendar, an important motivation factor.
  • Fill up on low-density foods: One way to spare calories and still eat a satisfying amount of food is to focus one's diet on foods that have fewer calories per bite. The "Volumetrics" diet, which finished at the top of the Consumer Reports ratings, is based on this strategy.

    MyPersonalDiet's food database provide the key nutritional information for its 7000+ food items, allowing you to quickly find how rich the food you consume is, and help you find other food that contain fewer calories. You can also set daily limits on various nutrients to make sure you consume a moderate amount of them.
  • Bring back the scale: Dieters who stay vigilant about their weight can make quick corrections before the pounds add up. While many of the books reviewed discourage the practice of frequent weighing in, 75 percent of the members enrolled in the National Weight Control Registry weigh themselves at least once a week.

    You can enter your weight (and other vital signs) for any day in MyPersonalDiet, which then presents you clear charts about your weight trend, along a colored calendar view that immediately lets you know if you are on track toward your goal or not. And if you do not enter you weight, MyPersonalDiet uses advanced calculations to make fair weight estimates that ignore daily weight fluctuations (which are normal and should be expected) and focus on the trend.
  • Bore yourself thin: This approach is outlined in "The South Beach Diet," "The Sonoma Diet," and "Ultra Metabolism." Since variety stimulates the appetite, the more monotonous one's diet, the less one will eat. People should steer clear of buffet tables, which can be a dieter's worst enemy.

    MyPersonalDiet automatically keeps track of the food items you consumed in a 'favorite list'. You can control the size of the list (in terms of food items it can store) and you can use that list to help you plan the food you consume and enter your meals very quickly.
MyPersonalDiet has been specifically designed to include all the tools that are known to be successful to dieters. The features highlighted above are just a few examples of it capabilities. If you are serious about dieting, you ought to try MyPersonalDiet. It will not burn calories for you, but it will eliminate any guesswork and help you make the right decisions to reach your objectives.
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