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 Recent Versions
Version 1.3 (July 03, 2009)
New scientific/medical theme.
Version 1.2
Fixed issue with Blood Pressure chart.
Version 1.1
Data can now be emailed
Added pastel theme
Version 1.0
Now available!

Carefully monitoring and building an history of your vital signs is essential for a health care professional to assess your condition over time or in the event of a medical emergency.

myCheckUp is an all-in-one application to easily track vital signs: weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood markers, body measurements. You can also create your own fields (e.g. calories, workout time, medications, additional markers, etc.) and enter daily notes. It features a clear calendar and beautiful charts to summarize your data in a snap.

You can track multiple people (your spouse, children, etc.), so that you have all the necessary information about the people you care immediately.

It is designed for those who keep an eye on their health (tracking their weight for instance), and those who need to carefully monitor a temporary or chronic medical condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, overweight, fever, etc. You can enter multiple records per day, which is a must to track specific conditions (ideal to track glucose for instance).

Key Features

  • Complete vital signs tracking, including blood markers and body measurements
  • Create, track and chart your own data fields
  • Track as many people as you want
  • Multiple daily entries
  • Clear calendar that highlights your data
  • Superb charts that show your data over any period of time you choose
  • Both American and Metric units supported
  • Two magnificent themes to choose from: Medical or Pastel

We listen!

VidaOne has been developing award-winning mobile health, diet and fitness applications since 2000 and this is our first application for the iPhone. We value feedback, and encourage you to share with us (info@vidaone.com) your thoughts, what you like and what features you would like to see. Thank you.

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