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VidaOne Diet & Fitness


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"Any iPhone user shopping for a solid exercise app
should look no further."

AppReview.com rated GymNow as the
BEST exercise health & fitness application
among 220+ exercise apps


Now available on the App Store for

 Recent Versions
Version 1.3 (July 23)
Backup/restore using iSafe.
Time-based exercises can be entered by duration (instead of reps).
Exercise tempo phases are supported (eccentric, concentric, etc).
Exercises can be scratched/unscratched.
Version 1.2
Share workouts on Twitter and Facebook as soon as you complete them.
Useful "Did you know?" tips shown while resting between sets and exercises.
Export workouts by emailing them to yourself.
Miscellaneous cosmetic enhancements.
Version 1.1
Exercises can be charted while recording them
Added cardio warm-up and cool-down exercises
Exercise weights can be recorded in percentage (%) of max
Added calories, exertion and rating when saving/editing a workout
More stunning themes: Cars, Designer, Fireworks, Military, Urban
Version 1.0
Now available!

Spend a minimum of time at the gym for maximum results.

GymNow is not just another gym app; it's the only one that provides a structured, functional, efficient and personalized content for strength training and fitness. Whereas all other iPhone fitness apps allow you to only record basic exercise data, you can do this with GymNow:

  • Build your routines: you can use one of the pre-defined routines or build your own using either one of the provided exercises, or those you add, which you can associate any pictures to. A muscle chart allows you to select exercises per muscle group (a feature we originated in 2003 with MySportTraining for Windows Mobile Pocket PC). You can also enter the warm-up and cool-down periods, along the equipment used.
  • Plan your workouts: a calendar lets you add routines to your busy schedule and quickly review your past workouts to see how hard you've been working lately. This also let you plan rest days to make sure that your workout sessions provide the optimum results.
  • Record your workouts (either planned or on-the-go) featuring a Live Recorder screen that guides you throughout your entire workout. No more guesswork, no need for an expensive coach. GymNow shows you which exercise to do, which set, how many reps, what weight (absolute or in % of max), how long to rest, using clearly-readable timers. You can pause the recording, make on-the-fly changes, restart or skip exercises (even chart them on-the-spot), or simply follow the workout from begin to end. This key feature helps you achieve powerful workouts in short periods of time that you can fit in your tight schedule and that provide maximum results. And you can listen to your music while recording your workouts!
  • Analyze your past workouts by reviewing the reps and/or weight you lifted for any exercise over any period of time, enabling you to measure your progress over time. You can easily see if you've reached a plateau, or how much you used to lift some time ago.
  • Personalize GymNow using one of the stunning themes that completely changes the look of the entire application to suit your preferences. You can also fine-tune the Live Recorder by specifying whether you work out fast or not, and how much time to rest between sets and between exercises. You can also choose to use lb or kg.

So go beyond recording sets, reps, weight and watching videos. Track your routines, exercises, rest, equipment, supersets, entire workouts, location, duration, etc. and take advantages of the full capabilities of your iPhone and iTouch to maximize the time spent exercising and successfully achieve your fitness goals.

And they look much better on a real device...

Build, featuring the Boutique theme

Plan, featuring the Nebula theme

GymNow comes with a few routines to get you started.
You can fully customize them, and add your own.
Quickly see which days you've been working out,
and plan future workouts as well.

Workout script, featuring the Tattoo theme

Live Recording, featuring the Tattoo theme

At the gym, choose a workout and see the list of exercises
to complete. You can move exercises around, add more,
edit them on the fly, etc.
The Live Recording feature goes through each exercise of your workouts and tells you what to do, when to rest, etc. This eliminates the guesswork of what to do, and also ensures that you spend a minimum of time at the gym for maximum results.

Analyze, featuring the Casino theme

About, featuring the Nebula theme
Analyze the exercises you conduct by reviewing the reps and weight you do for each, over any period of time. See how your hard work pays off! Configure GymNow to use your units, speed, and one of the stunning themes (more to come in future versions).

Front muscle chart, featuring the Deep Cool theme

Back muscle chart, featuring the Deep Cool theme
You can select the exercises from a list of popular exercises, create your own, or
use the muscle chart to suggest exercises per muscle group.

We listen!

VidaOne has been developing award-winning mobile health, diet and fitness applications since 2000 and this is our first fitness application for the iPhone. We value feedback, and encourage you to share with us (info@vidaone.com) your thoughts, what you like and what features you would like to see. Thank you.

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