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Are the iPhone products compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad?
Yes, MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet are compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad. However, due to Wi-Fi issues with the iPad, synchronization with VidaOne Diet & Fitness may or not work, a situation out of our control.

Is my Windows Mobile device a Smartphone or a Pocket PC?
Windows Mobile comes in two flavors: Smartphone and Pocket PC. A Smartphone is designed without a touchscreen, intended to be operated with only one hand. A Pocket PC has a touchscreen, intended to be used with a stylus.

Help me identify my Windows Mobile device


I cannot sync between my Android phone and VidaOne Diet & Fitness...
The issue could be cause by your router, firewall and/ older versions of your VidaOne apps.
Please visit Common Sync Problems for resolutions.

What is the difference between buying from Android Market and VidaOne/Handango?
Android Market is integrated into your phone and automatically notifies you when upgrades are available. Buying from VidaOne (which is powered by Handango.com) allows you to get bundle discounts (if you buy MySportTraining with VidaOne Diet & Fitness). We tweet updates and you can download the latest version from our website over the paid version you have.

How do I download and install MySportTraining on my Android phone?
It’s easier just to use the QR code (the dotted black-and-white image) on the product page:

  • On your PC, go to http://www.vidaone.com/mst_android.htm. You will see a black-and-white square in the top right corner. That square is called a QR code.
  • On your phone, go to the Android Market.
  • Search for "QR code".
  • Download and install one of the QR Code reader apps there (most are free).
  • Open that app you downloaded, scan and the QR code (by aiming your phone to your computer showing the page above).
  • This will download the APK file straight into your phone.
  • As a bonus, you can use the QR code app on other codes as well (you will see them more and more often).
Without a QR code app:
  • Connect your Android phone to your PC.
  • Mount your phone as instructed to do.
  • Copy the APK file onto your phone’s SD card.
  • Go to the Android Market.
  • Download the app called Apps Installer, open it.
  • You will see a list of files, tap on ‘mst’ to install it.
In both cases, data is not lost when re-installing.

After re-installing, I get the error: The application is not installed on your phone.
Remove the shortcut (tap and hold it until it vibrates, then drag it to the Trash Can icon at the bottom) and re-create it from the application tray.

Online Purchases

Who do I contact to obtain registration keys or if I have questions about my purchases?
Software products bought on VidaOne.com are handled by Handango. Please directly contact Handango Customer Care for assistance, since they handle the transaction and can assist you about it. If you bought your product from any other sites (such as PocketGear.com), please contact these web sites directly.

If you bought a Polar heart rate monitor, contact us directly at info@VidaOne.com.

How do I use a VidaOne promotion code?
To use a VidaOne promotion code, add the products to the shopping cart. Then select Gift Certificates enter the code in the box below and click Recalculate. VidaOne promotion codes can only be used on VidaOne.com. Click here to see a shopping cart page screen snapshot.(PDF)

What is the refund policy?
You can obtain a refund within 30 days of purchase for software for the following reasons below. Please contact the web site which sent you the registration key(s) as they handled the transaction (not us):

  • The software was not received from the web site you purchased it from.
  • Billing errors.
  • There are some technical issues with the software that cannot be resolved.

We are unfortunately unable to authorize refunds for the following reasons:

  • Software that has a free trial version. Most of our software have a 10-day trial period during which all functions are enabled and allow you to determine whether the software meets your needs.
  • Software purchased for the wrong device or mobile operating system.
  • Promotion codes not entered during the purchase process.
  • Any item 30 days after the purchase date.

Availability & Upgrades

What is the upgrade policy?
Feature releases (new or significantly-enhanced features) are payable. Consult the "Upgrade Information" on each product page to know the price and requirements. If there is no "Upgrade Information", then the upgrade is free.

Maintenance releases (bug fixes and minor add-ons) are free.

How do I upgrade to a newer version?
For payable upgrades, go to the product page and click Add To Cart. If you are a Handango customer, you will be prompted to enter your email and you will have access to upgrade price. If you are not a Handango customer or if the price is not discounted, contact us for assistance.

For a free upgrade, simply download the latest version and re-install over the existing version; the registration key and all existing data will automatically be re-used. Do not uninstall the previous version as you may loose all the data you've already entered.

On Windows Mobile 5 and newer, whenever you re-install an application, you are prompted to remove the previous version. Go ahead and tap OK. The latest versions of our products are designed so that you will be asked to uninstall the product once more. This time, choose No. You will then be warned that the product could not be removed (which is ok). Choose Yes to continue the upgrade. By following this procedure, your data will not be erased when you install an upgrade.

What Windows Mobile and Palm OS versions are supported?
Windows Mobile 5 and newer are supported. All versions of Palm OS 3.5 and newer are supported.

After upgrading on my Pocket PC storage card, I found out that the new versions are installed in a different directory. Can I delete the previous directory and files in it?
Yes. The data is not stored in files, but in internal databases, and is re-used by the new versions. However, do not uninstall any application as data will be erased.

Are the square and landscape, wide, and high resolutions supported on Pocket PC?
MySportTraining, MyPersonalDiet, VidaOne Polar and VidaOne GPS fully support all resolutions. The other applications will also be modified accordingly in the future.

Using VidaOne Diet & Fitness

When I try to enter a meal/workout/health record, the application freezes. I need to press ESC to get it back to work, but I cannot enter data.
If you have been using two monitors, then some data entry screens are on the 2nd monitor, which you will not see unless that 2nd monitor is connected to your system. Close VidaOne Diet & Fitness, and re-start it by holding down the left control key for 2 seconds. This resets all VidaOne Diet & Fitness' screens back to the primary monitor.

Using MySportTraining

Do I need to buy VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows in order to use MySportTraining?
No. MySportTraining is a standalone application. However, in order to synchronize with your PC, you need to use VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows, which is sold separately.

How do I use the muscle chart?
Pocket PC: Add a strength training workout. Then, tap on the dumbbell icon on the right to see the list of exercise; choose "Add" in the exercise list to display the Enter Exercise window. There is an icon showing a colored person with a magnifying glass toward the top right corner; tap on it to see the muscle chart, and you will be able to select an exercise by tapping on a muscle group.
Palm OS: Enter a strength training workout (from the Daily view, choose New > Workout > Strength Training (or create a strength training activity and select it). Tap Add Exercise in the exercise list in order to display the Enter Exercise window. Tap on Muscle Chart to display the muscle chart, and you will be able to select an exercise by tapping on a muscle group.

How do I remove an exercise or an interval?
Tap-and-hold on an exercise or interval. That will display a popup menu, that allows you to move it up or down in the list, scratch or un-scratch it, chart it or delete it.

Can I create templates, for example a routine with a series of exercises, that I can reuse in the future?
MySportTraining does not support templates as such, but provides an equivalent and integrated solution. You can create new activities such as "Upper Body", "Lower Body", etc. The first time you create a workout of a given activity (e.g. "Upper Body"), you have to enter the exercises you conduct. But the next time you create a workout of the same activity ("Upper Body"), all the exercises of the last workout (of the same activity) are brought in. If you skip an exercise, you can "scratch" it (instead of deleting it), so that it will still show up in the exercise list the next time you enter that workout.

Some of the workouts in MySportTraining do not show up. Why?
They might be filtered out. To enable them, choose Filter Activities.... from the Tools menu. Then choose Check All and OK. This will make sure all activities and workouts are enabled and visible.

Can I print my workouts from MySportTraining?
No, but you can from VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows.

How is the calorie expenditure calculated in MySportTraining?
The default calorie calculation is based on data from the American College of Sports Medicine and is subject to the intensity (exertion) of the workout (the harder the workout, the greater the calorie expenditure is). Because those values are based on averages, MySportTraining for Windows has a feature that allows you to precisely customize the burn rate per activity. After synchronization, the burn rate is then transferred onto the Pocket PC and used by MySportTraining for Pocket PC.

How can I backup my workouts?
MySportTraining for Pocket PC and MyPersonalDiet both provide integrated backup and restore features. VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows (sold separately) automatically synchronizes your workout with the desktop, exactly like your contacts or appointments, providing an excellent backup solution as well.

For the other Pocket PC applications, the data is stored in internal databases, like your appointments, contacts, etc. Use any 3rd-party backup utility (one might be bundled on your Pocket PC) to backup the internal databases whose start with "MST" and "MPD" (if any).

For all Palm OS applications, from the menu choose Options > Preferences and select Backup data via HotSync. The next time your sync, the databases will be backed up on your computer, provided the System conduit is set to "Handheld overwrites Desktop" (it is by default). Note that if you are using MySportTraining for Windows, this setting is optional.

How do I transfer the data from one Pocket PC to another?
To re-install MySportTraining, simply download the latest version from our web site and re-enter the registration key you received following your purchase. To transfer the data, you have two options: 1) if you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows, the data will automatically transfer at the next synchronization; 2) Use MySportTraining for Pocket PC's backup and restore features to save the data from the first Pocket PC (see previous question) and restore them on the second.

How can I delete a workout I just entered?
Go to the day view of that workout and display the workout to delete.
Pocket PC: tap and hold the workout icon to display the workout to delete.
Palm OS: display the menu and choose Record > Delete Item.
iPhone: edit the workout, tap the General button, and scroll up to show the Delete button.

How can I obtain more exercise pictures like those in MySportTraining?
You can purchase colored exercise series to add more exercises into MySportTraining for Pocket PC and Palm OS. These exercise pictures are from Physigraphe, and they offer more pictures (although they cannot be integrated into MySportTraining at this moment.)

Using MyPersonalDiet

Is MyPersonalDiet available for Windows?
VidaOne Diet & Fitness (for Windows 7, Vista and XP), currently available, now includes most of the features of  MyPersonalDiet.

What is the difference among MyPersonalDiet and MySportTraining?
MyPersonalDiet is diet-centric. It is designed for those who want to track and closely monitor what they eat. It's the perfect application not only to lose (or gain) weight, but also to make sure you stay healthy. For instance, if you must limit some nutrients (such as carbs, sodium or sugar), you can specify daily limits and see if you can still consume those nutrients for the current day. You can also track blood markers (such as iron, cholesterol, etc) and chart them over time. You can also track your basic workouts information.

MySportTraining is workout-centric. It is designed for athletes and sport-enthusiasts that want to track with great details and accuracy their workouts, and who are less concerned about the food they consume. MySportTraining allows you to enter very specific data about your workouts, such as intervals, or strength training exercises, features not available in MyPersonalDiet. You can also get various reports and graphs on your past workouts that let you better plan your workout training.

The data I enter in MyPersonalDiet on my iPhone does not show up in MySportTraining (and vice-versa).
iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications are completely isolated from one another and consequently cannot share data. This is different than Windows Mobile, Android, or Palm OS phones and PDAs where data can be shared among applications. MyPersonalDiet and MySportTraining for the iPhone must each be synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness to have their own copy of the data.

The data I enter in MyPersonalDiet on my Pocket PC does not show up in MySportTraining (and vice-versa).
This is most likely caused by upgrading an old version of MyPersonalDiet to a new version, or some incorrect installation. The solution is as follows:

  • Download and unzip the file mpd2mst.zip.
  • Copy the file mpd2mst.exe onto your Pocket PC.
  • On your Pocket PC, open the File Explorer, locate the file and tap on it to open it.
  • Simply follow the instructions on screen and that will ensure that the data is shared between the two applications.
I encounter an error when I try to uninstall MyPersonalDiet on my Pocket PC. What can I do?
The error is caused because the MyPersonalDiet Today plug-in is loaded and active. It must be unloaded manually (there's no method to unload it automatically). Choose Start > Settings > Today > Items. Uncheck MyPersonalDiet and tap OK. Then soft-reset your Pocket PC (you will notice that the MyPersonalDiet Today plug-in is no longer displayed. Then you can uninstall MyPersonalDiet.

How do I make a backup?
MyPersonalDiet for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone) integrates backup and restore features (in the Tools menu).

I uninstalled MyPersonalDiet from tmy Pocket PC and now I see the error message "Cannot start \windows\mpdnotif.exe" when I turn my device on. What can I do?
This utility is normally removed when MyPersonalDiet is uninstalled. To uninstall it manually, download the utility mpdclean.zip, unzip the file, copy mpdclean.exe on your Pocket PC, open File Explorer on your Pocket PC, locate the file and tap on it. It will only display "Done". Afterwards, you can delete mpdclean.exe from your Pocket PC and the message will not show up again.

Smartphone (Windows Mobile non-touch screen) and Palm OS

Is MyPersonalDiet for Windows Mobile Smartphone (non-touch screen) going to be updated?
Although we have upgraded and tested MyPersonalDiet version 5 for Smartphone, it must be signed (like any other Smartphone application) in order to be installed on a Smartphone (as opposed to Pocket PC apps which do not have this requirement). The signing costs are inexplicably high and would require us to significantly raise the price of the app just to cover these fees, thereby making the new version far less attractive. As a result, these high costs of releasing a Smartphone app prevent us from providing MyPersonalDiet 5 for Smartphone.

Is MyPersonalDiet for Palm OS going to be updated?
Most of our Palm OS customers have moved on to other types of devices (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) and have asked us to support them in the shortest time, so we are consequently developing our apps for those devices. We plan to upgrade Palm OS applications later this year should there be a demand for that.

Synchronization with iPhone and iPod Touch

What do I need to synchronize the data of my iPhone and iPod Touch with a PC?
You need to download and install VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows 3 (which contains the necessary synchronization module) on your PC running Windows 7, Vista or XP. You also need MySportTraining for iPhone and/or MyPersonalDiet for iPhone. Finally,  you need a Wi-Fi network that your PC and iPhone (or iPod Touch) can connect to.

Can I synchronize via iTunes or by using a USB cable?
No (3rd-party applications are not allowed to do so), only Wi-Fi is supported at this moment.

How do I synchronize my iPhone and iPod Touch with a PC?
In VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows 3, select the Profile toolbar and click on the iPhone button. This opens the iPhone and iPod Touch Synchronization window, which shows your computer address and port. In MySportTraining or MyPersonalDiet, tap More > Data (the small cube image) > Synchronize, and enter those values as is. Then tap the Synchronize button for the data to synchronize.

I use both MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet. Do I need to synchronize both?
Yes. Due to the design of the iPhone and iPod Touch, 3rd-party applications cannot share data among themselves. As a result, both MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet must be synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness.

Synchronization with Windows Mobile for Pocket PC (touch screen)

What do I need to synchronize the data of my handheld with the desktop?
You need to download and install VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows (version 2.1.2 or newer) which contains the necessary synchronization modules. Although the synchronization is set up automatically, please review Synchronization for Windows XP or Synchronization for Windows Vista manuals (PDF). Also see the following question.

What versions of MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet do I need?
MySportTraining for Pocket PC 4.5.0 (or newer) and MyPersonalDiet for Pocket PC 2.5.0 (or newer). It is recommended to download and install the latest versions, especially if you experience any synchronization issues.

Is the information synchronized when I use MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet while my Pocket PC is on its cradle?
Yes, the information will be synchronized with VidaOne Diet & Fitness for Windows.

When I use MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet for Pocket PC on the cradle, it seems to synchronize very often.
Each data entry usually requires some synchronization, and it happens often. You can simply remove the Pocket PC from the cradle, use MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet as needed, then install your device back on the cradle to synchronize all the changes at once.

In ActiveSync, the entries Extras, Health, Meals and Workouts are grayed out and cannot be selected.
This is caused by ActiveSync that does not detect the MySportTraining synchronization module on the Pocket PC. The solution is simply to re-install MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet on your Pocket PC, perform a soft-reset and reconnect to your PC. The options will become enable. Also make sure you are using VidaOne Diet & Fitness version 2.1.2 or newer on your PC.

Some of the information on my Pocket PC doesn't synchronize with my desktop (or vice-versa).
In some cases, ActiveSync may lost track of what information has to be synchronized, resulting in data not appearing on either the desktop, the Pocket PC or both. The solution is to re-create a partnership. We're written a brief PDF document that explains how.

Synchronization with Palm OS

Does VidaOne Diet and Fitness synchronize with Palm OS?
Yes, it synchronizes with both MySportTraining and MyPersonalDiet. During the installation, you will be prompted to install the conduit. Make sure to select either MySportTraining and/or MyPersonalDiet (depending on which application is installed) and then click “Install Conduit”. After a few seconds, a message should appear stating that “The VidaOne Diet & Fitness HotSync conduit was successfully installed”. Click OK and then click Close to end the installation.

On a Palm T5, how do I remove the T3 files AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc?
The file AppSlipRotate.prc can be deleted via Home > App menu > Delete. The file StatusBarLib.prc can be removed following this procedure. Also those two files are in the T5 backup folder of your PC. The exact location is similar to c:\program files\Palm\{device name}\Backup. Delete them to make sure they are not copied back to the T5.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Why should I buy from VidaOne?
We are an authorized Polar dealer, which means that we sell brand new products that are under full warranty by Polar. We also offer free shipping and a 30% discount on your next purchase of any applications on VidaOne.com

What Polar monitor should I use?
Visit our Polar models comparisons to find out which model to choose for your needs. All these models are supported by MySportTraining for Pocket PC, Palm OS and Windows.

Can I purchase VidaOne applications and a Polar monitor at the same time?
No because we use two different payment systems:

  • VidaOne applications sold on VidaOne.com are powered by Handango. By purchasing from Handango, you can earn points that you can redeem on future purchases of any applications at Handango.com or any affiliated sites, including VidaOne.com. You can also benefit from various discounts available from Handango on our or other applications.
  • Polar heart rate monitors and accessories can be purchased via Paypal.

Discontinued Products

MySportTraining for Windows is no longer available. Please contact us to upgrade to VidaOne Diet & Fitness.

MyRunningLog for Pocket PC is no longer available. Please contact us to upgrade to MySportTraining.

MySportTraining Food for Pocket PC is no longer available. Please contact us to upgrade to MyPersonalDiet.

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