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VidaOne is a customer-driven company with one goal: to provide the best diet, fitness and health software
for health-conscious people, sports enthusiasts and athletes, to help you track, maintain and improve your health.

Who We Are

VidaOne, Inc.
5900 Southwest Pkwy
Suite 2-210
Austin, TX 78735

How To Contact Us

General information info@VidaOne.com
Technical support support@VidaOne.com
Sales (software only) sales@VidaOne.com
For registration keys, please contact the website where you bought the product. Products purchased from this website are handled by Handango. If you bought from Android Market, it may take a few hours before the sale gets completed by Google and this is unfortunately out of our control.

If you have received an unexpected or suspicious email from VidaOne.com, please disregard and delete it. We do not send unsolicited emails and such emails are sent by fraudulent parties.

In an effort to control costs associated with our software, we cannot provide technical support via telephone, and instead provide all support via email. Thank you for your understanding.

We answer all inquiries, usually within 48 hours. If you have not received an answer timely, please don't hesitate to contact us again (some legitimate messages can be filtered out by the anti-spam software we use).

If your email remains unanswered, it may be that our reply bounced back or was filtered out by your computer. Verify your rejected emails (spam) in case our reply was inadvertently rejected on your system. Also please make sure that your email address is valid, that your mailbox is not full and that it still has room for incoming emails. Also, if you are using SPAM filters, please allow replies from VidaOne.com to your Inbox. Should your emails remain unanswered despite checking for all those conditions, try using another email address for contacting us.

If you experience any problem with downloading our products from Handango, PocketGear or Apple AppStore or other sites, please contact the site's webmaster directly.


We will gladly and promptly provide registration keys for product reviews and volume purchasing evaluations. Simply contact us by indicating the software you're interested into, the intended purpose and contact information.

Business Development

VidaOne provides diet, fitness & health applications for mobile devices (PDA, iPhone, etc) and Windows PC (7/Vista/XP). Our awards-winning applications are feature-rich and are used by people of all ages to track their cardio and strength training workouts, manage their weight, record their food consumption, and monitor their health. Our unique mobile-to-PC synchronization connectivity does not require any Internet access, ensuring immediate response and complete personal data privacy. Our apps are also free of any banner ads, providing a better experience.

Should you have any inquiry about how our products can be integrated to your products/services, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss opportunities. Thank you.

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